Last Friends Ep 08

23 06 2008

So I’m back. I can’t believe I plowed through five episodes this past week. Watching them wasn’t hard, it was resisting the itch to move on instead of rewatching and blogging. Well, hopefully I can finish and catch up before episode 11’s subs come out, or did I miss the memo and they’re already out? Oh well, onto episode, which was quite the tear-jerker at the end. T-T

  • Ruka goes to look for a new apartment
  • Sousuke ends up in the hospital with a broken leg and arm
  • Michiru makes bento boxes for her and Takeru
  • at work, Michiru apologizes to Takeru for asking something as troublesome as whether or not she could like him
  • the curry & bread boy comes to the sharehouse to deliver a letter to Michiru
  • Eri and Ruka intercept the letter, read it and agree not to show Michiru
  • Eri goes to the hospital to pay a visit to Sousuke, returning his letter
  • Sousuke asks Eri to bring a drawer full of letters to Michiru
  • Ruka’s therapist says that Ruka has Physical Gender Identity Disorder
  • Ruka’s therapist reveals concerns when Ruka says she wants to go overseas to have an operation; he thinks Ruka might be rushing things
  • Ogura asks Eri if she wants to go to an onsen and sees Eri reading through Sousuke’s letters
  • Michiru spots her ex-co-worker at the bookstore looking up books about domestic violence
  • Eri goes to look up other onsen bookings on Ruka’s computer and sees a webpage about sex-change surgery and about people with Gender Identity Disorder
  • Eri talks to Takeru about it
  • Ruka gets nervous when she notices that her computer’s been used
  • Takeru finds out about Ruka moving when he sees a letter from the realtor company addressed to Ruka
  • Ruka and Eri burn Sousuke’s letters
  • Takeru is absent-minded and strange at work, when Michiru asks him about it, he tells her about Ruka moving
  • Michiru comes home asking Ruka about her moving and so the whole house finds out that Ruka is leaving
  • Takeru and Michiru are unable to sleep thinking about Ruka’s situation
  • Michiru asks Takeru if he likes Ruka and he replies no
  • after work the next day, Michiru goes home without Takeru to prepare for Ruka’s farewell party
  • after work, Takeru goes to the racetrack to ask Hayashida about Ruka’s situation
  • Hayashida tells Takeru that he didn’t know about Ruka moving to Fussa and that Ruka being in a slump is a lie
  • Hayashida tells Takeru that if Ruka is upset, it is probably because the slandering flier
  • Takeru finds a copy of the flier sitting next to the trash can
  • Michiru comes home to find out that Ruka is already packed and ready to leave
  • Michiru and Ruka walk towards the train station, they walk through the park where Ruka found Michiru drenched in the rain at the beginning of the series
  • Takeru comes home to an empty house
  • when he sees that Ruka’s cup is gone he rushes to her room and realizes that she’s gone
  • Takeru sees a letter addressed to him on her desk and he reads it
  • after reading it, Takeru rushes out of the house
  • the letter tells about her secret that she was unable to tell any one else
  • Michiru and Ruka say goodbye, shaking hands
  • Takeru shows up just as Ruka has turned to leave
  • Takeru asks Ruka not to leave
  • he tells her that he read the letter and that he loves her
  • he says that despite how she may change he wants to be by her side
  • Takeru hugs Ruka, Ruka cries
  • Sousuke has secretly left the hospital

I honestly need to find more adjectives for Sousuke because using creepy all the time has become a little stale. Eerie maybe? Well, anyways, it’s amazing how Sousuke can emit this oppressive aura even when he’s not on screen. The first thing I thought when the curry & bread boy showed up at the sharehouse was that Sousuke was really cruel sending a child out at night to do his bidding. He’s so manipulative, using the sympathy card to get Eri to at least take his letters out of the hospital room. Then those letters that he wanted Michiru to read. That guy is so twisted. But the scary thing I find myself thinking, I guess similar to Eri, is that if Sousuke wasn’t abusive, he probably has all the qualities of a love obsessed shoujo manga perfect leading male. The letters that he wrote were so sickingly sweet. It’s reminded me of school girls writing “I Love ____” fifty million times in their diaries.

I was actually surprised that Sousuke was moving up and about so soon. I thought he broke his arm too, but maybe not. Then again, this is an 11 episode drama, the villain can’t sit in a hospital bed any longer than necessary. But it looks like from the previews of the next episode that he is up and kicking (Takeru, I might add T_T). It seems like Sousuke really reaches the peak of his sadistic and sinister nature next episode.

At first, I wasn’t really sure about this episode. Watching it, I felt like nothing was really happening. After the last episode I wasn’t sure how they were going to devote an entire episode to Ruka moving. Actually, I originally thought that Ruka moving would only take about half the episode. When it became obvious that it would last longer, I was just waiting for Takeru to come stop. It’s funny how that’s one of the first things you see in the preview and yet it’s the last thing to actually happen. Which is fine. The wait for Takeru’s second confession was worth it. ^_^

I’ve always loved Takeru, but he was especially great this episode. Maybe it was the lovely ending. Probably. I really liked how they set up the letter reading at the end. The omitting of the most important parts which I’m guessing explicitly talked about her Gender Identity Disorder was a nice touch. I thought that it reflected how hard Ruka found it to tell people about it and that those would literally be for Takeru’s eyes only. That and I think the ending scene was nicely done in an elegant kind of way, which having too many words explaining how Ruka felt would have destroyed. Once again, I loved the instrumental “Prisoner of Love” playing in the background.

Well, randomness about Takeru. I always found it funny that Takeru seems to be omniscient and omnipresent. It felt uncanny how Takeru just sees through people and I thought it was hilarious that Takeru just kind of shows up just as Ruka is leaving, even though there are probably more than a few ways to get to the train station from the sharehouse. It’s like he’s a mini-Jesus or something. Takeru knows. Well not really, that comparison is really a long-shot. That and can you imagine the Son of God sporting Takeru’s emo hair? Or conversely Takeru in a cheap polyester Jesus costume made for Halloween? The images are actually pretty funny…

Since last episode, I’ve been wondering whether or not Michiru really likes Takeru and on a similar tangent how deep Ruka’s love runs for Michiru. I really honestly think that Michiru has been ill treated by men beginning from her father and so being supported by a male in this fashion is new for her and something that attracts her. Then, I really don’t know what to make of Ruka’s attraction to Michiru anymore. The four year separation bothered me a little, even if Ruka wanted to suppress her feelings for Michiru, I’ve always had the feeling that Ruka would never confess but would always keep her feelings in the shadows and just take care of Michiru. But I guess that was before the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder. I understand that Ruka was especially afraid to show her true self to her family and to Michiru, but that just brought her closer to someone who she now finds is one of her closest friends. I’m not sure that Takeru and Ruka would ever becomes lovers. Even though the ending made my inner fangirl jump for joy, I think that Takeru and Ruka will continue to have this ambiguous relationship which might become painful for Takeru especially, since he likes her. Well, that’s granted that their relationship survives Sousuke, which unfortunately, I don’t think it will. I think I’ve essentially bet my money on the fact that Takeru is the one that doesn’t survive, especially after seeing the previews, unless they’re made to be purposefully misleading, which is a pretty good chance.

Well, I believe Michiru’s attraction to Takeru much more than I believe Ogura’s attraction or what not to Eri. Honestly, what are they trying to do there? He’s married for goodness sakes! What kind of marriage did he have if he’s still with the woman but in an ambiguous relationship with Eri? That and having drunk sex with Eri didn’t seem to make a dent on his conscience at all. I understand that his wife was the one unfaithful first, but that doesn’t make it okay for him to just go out and do whatever. Why make this messy situation with his wife even worse by beginning… something with Eri? If he’s serious about Eri, then he needs to finalize his divorce and move on. He talks about still being married as if it doesn’t really matter. Ogurin, I like you as a comic relief character and when you showed your weakness the first time, but now you just confuse me and you honestly piss me off a little. Just a little though. Maybe “annoy” is better.

I know this is a real nitpicky and kind of practical thing that has no place in a drama that doesn’t hinge on these kind of technical issues, but how is the rent paid on that sharehouse? I mean someone has to cover Ruka’s rent right? Which, by the way, I have no idea how she pays. I find it hard to be believe that she makes enough as a racer to cover rent and such. Rent must fluctuate once a month with the merry-go-round of tenants that the place has been seeing. That and if Takeru doesn’t get paid much how does he pay rent? More importantly how does Michiru pay rent? And pay for her mom’s rent? She just quit her regular job and I can’t see working as an assistant making much money. Oh well, not really important, but I needed to vent that out.

Once again, thanks for reading to the end. I think I got a little screenshot happy at the last post so I tried not to over do it this post. Thanks again! See you at the next post!




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