Last Friends Ep 07

20 06 2008

This was a frustrating episode to watch, especially after that bomb that Takeru dropped at the end of the last episode. I usually love Ruka, but I wanted to smack her a few times this episode. Well, let’s cover the episode before we talk about it shall we?

  • after hearing Takeru’s confession, Ruka tells him that she is unable to return his feelings
  • Ruka begins to walk away and Takeru asks what she wanted to tell him
  • Ruka tells Takeru to like Michiru more because she needs someone to support her
  • Eri wins 6 tickets to the zoo and so the entire sharehouse goes
  • Ruka invites Hayashida along as her date, he announces that they are dating
  • Takeru sees his sister at the zoo and is shocked, walking off alone
  • Michiru realizes that Takeru isn’t feeling well so they go home first
  • Ruka, Eri and Ogura bring a cake home to celebrate Michiru coming back to the sharhouse, Hayashida brings bento boxes
  • Michiru walks over to Sousuke’s apartment, calls him and breaks up with him over the phone
  • the same flier sent to Ruka’s parents is taped up at the racetrack
  • Hayashida asks if what is written is true, Ruka denies, but cries in the shower
  • the child whose mom is always gone, and who asked for some bread, meets Sousuke in the park
  • the boy leads Sousuke back to his apartment
  • Sousuke finds that the apartment is a mess with dishes in the sink and empty cartons of food everywhere
  • the boy announces that he’s eaten everything in the house
  • Sousuke takes the boy back to his apartment where he makes curry for the two of them
  • Takeru comes home to a dark house, with Ruka following a few seconds later
  • Takeru asks Ruka what happened and tells her that she can tell him anything because their friends
  • Ruka responds that “some people, there are things they don’t want to say even when they die”
  • Takeru goes back to his room and has flashbacks about his sister
  • Takeru wakes in the middle of the night to see Michiru crying in the kitchen
  • The next morning after an awkward breakfast, Takeru tells Michiru that even though she is in pain right now, it gets better
  • Takeru reveals to Michiru that he understands how he feels because he went through a similar experience
  • Michiru hugs Takeru, asking if it is okay to like him
  • Takeru looks unsure, but puts his hand on her shoulder
  • Ruka sees the scene when she came back to get her cell phone
  • a flowerpot is knocked over when she leaves and it jolts Takeru and Michiru apart
  • when Takeru sees the missing cell phone, he realizes that Ruka saw what happened
  • Eri looks upset as she sees Ogura talking with another woman (his wife?)
  • the boy Sousuke was babysitting runs into the middle of a train crossing, complete with an approaching train, when he sees his mom on the other side
  • Sousuke runs into the crossing himself to grab the boy

It is rare for me not to like Ruka, but she did some things this episode that really upset me. I understand that she finds Takeru’s feelings for her a little troublesome but I didn’t like the way that she dealt with it. Last episode I speculated that she would ignore him for a while, but I thought her cruel treatment of Takeru was too much. I found her question “we’ll be like before” to Takeru misleading as they are obviously not like before. Ruka deliberately going out of her way to crush Takeru’s feelings was pretty harsh. First, she asks Takeru to like Michiru more right after he just confessed to her. Hearing those words come from Ruka’s mouth, Takeru looked like he wanted to cry. But inviting Hayashida to play-act as her boyfriend was pretty harsh, that and she picked up Takeru’s cup to serve coffee to Hayashida with, instead of her own. Their fight later in the episode was also painful to watch. Takeru attemps to reach out to Ruka and Ruka just closes him off and denies him access.

Takeru seriously got the short end of the stick this episode. Cruel treatment from Ruka, seeing his sister at the zoo and having all those images come flooding back, then dealing with Michiru. Sigh. -_- But I guess Ruka didn’t have it any better. She was cruel this episode, but I think she’s just about to explode. She had readied herself to essentially bare her soul to Takeru about her Gender Identity Disorder but realizes that she can’t bring herself to tell Takeru at the moment. Her outlet for those feelings is essentially closed off. Then she has to pretend that she’s dating Hayashida. If that wasn’t enough Sousuke’s flier is taped up at the racetrack where her insensitive coach asks if its true. I’m sure seeing Takeru and Michiru together was just the last straw. I could understand her pent-up frustration, but I just wish she wouldn’t take it out on Takeru.

Michiru was interesting this episode too. I was glad that she decided to stand up for herself and finally break-up with Sosuke, but her line of thinking scared me a little. Why would you go to meet with your abusive boyfriend alone? I wish Ruka would have insisted that someone be in the vicinity when Michiru would be talking to Sousuke so that if something happened then someone would be there. I was really afraid that something was going to happen to the girl, but I’m glad it turned out okay. I’m glad that I’m actually enjoying and believing Nagasawa’s acting now. I found Michiru reaching out to Takeru and Ruka, telling them that they can come to her, was a bit forced, but I thought that was because it was Michiru that was saying it and not because it was Nagasawa. Michiru’s character doesn’t really lead one believe that they could truly confide in her. I think it’s because her character is always doing the confiding. I thought her line about living with Sousuke showed how much she understood the situation though. “When I think about Sousuke and how I definitely can’t go back to a memorable place that I seem to remember as being beautiful, it makes me sad. It’s strange isn’t it. Even though in reality, it was hell.” I feel like Michiru understands a lot more than she lets on. I’m glad she has been fleshed out more. She was feeling a little 2D in a the 3D world shown by Ruka and Takeru.

I wonder how the Takeru/Michiru romance is going to pan out. Takeru is fond of her, but he doesn’t love her, and I don’t see him loving her any time soon. I’m not sure Michiru really likes/loves Takeru. I feel like she has just gotten out of (well… that remains to be seen) a relationship and Takeru has just given her so much comfort that she is latching on to him. He’s just so different than Sousuke. I’m confident that the writers won’t take it any farther than unrequited love; if they do I feel like it would go against who the characters are and what they’ve built up to this point. Actually, I’m not really expecting a happy ending at all. Bittersweet maybe, but not happy. If they give me happy ending, it’s going to feel like such a cop out.

Sousuke definitely showed more of his gentle side this episode. Him taking care of the boy was sweet and really confuses me how he can be so aggressive with Michiru. I definitely think that the young boy reminds him of his own childhood and it seems that he is more gentle and understanding with children as a whole. His running into the line of fire for the boy and probably being injured seems to set up a potential reunion with Michiru. I wonder what he was looking at with binoculars at the beginning of the episode. Spying on Michiru? Maybe. But after that shot, there really aren’t any other shots of him that don’t involve the little boy.

Okay, onto little nitpicky things, which I found a lot of this episode. Is it just me or did they use the same kid for the little curry boy and for young Takeru in his flashbacks? I swear it’s the same kid, they even sound and run the same. Talk about being economical. Sorry about that. I checked again and they aren’t the same kid. They just really look alike, and talk alike, and for some reason I even feel like they run alike. Maybe its just because they’re kids.

And Ogurin is relegated to comic relief again this episode. Not that I really mind, I enjoy his antics, but the Eri x Ogura pairing they seem to be pushing still bothers me, especially since Eri looks upset at the end when Ogura is talking to another woman (his wife? Maybe, I don’t really remember what she looks like). That and it seems that he never really convinced the relationship between them to be one of an affair. It looks like the next episode will address it some so looking forward to that. He cry of “I’m not Ogurin. I’m Wario.” was funny and so was his “Ehh!? What? There was that kind of connection?” when Ruka mentions things going well between Takeru and Michiru.

Another thing I loved about this episode was the prominence of what I see as an epic version of “Prisoner of Love.” I’m not really sure what else to call it. The piano part is gorgeous and then the strings come in. T-T I feel like I should be seeing some amazing landscape à la Lord of the Rings.

Hm… Ruka looks up plastic surgery too. That should be interesting. It seems like she is really considering sex reassignment surgery. I’m not really sure how they’re going to run with that.

Well, there you have episode 7. I decided to add some screenshots to break up the huge blocks of text. That and I finally learned how to do those, not that there’s a long learning process at all, but I finally figured out how do them. -_- I’m looking forward to episode 8, but I think I need to take a little break. Staring at a computer screen for so long hurts my eyes. That and the cake and curry this episode makes me hungry…




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