Last Friends Ep 06

19 06 2008

AAAHHHH… getting through this entry is going to be really hard… if you’ve seen this episode you know why… T_T… I just need to get through this entry so I can watch the next episode. If I don’t I might die from all the stress that ending gave me. But I’ve calmed down considerably since last night. But rewatching this episode to take notes got me worked up again… so without further ado, let’s do this.

  • Michiru rushes back to the apartment and finds Sousuke sitting on the couch
  • Sousuke burns Michiru’s yearbook in the sink, saying that he won’t let anything come between them
  • Ruka gets drunk and is helped back to the sharehouse, and she sings nursery schools about bears in the door way ^_^
  • Ogurin is back and requests to stay at the house, saying that he and his wife have decided to leave separately for a while
  • Ruka finally agrees after Eri says it doesn’t bother her
  • Takeru goes to Michiru’s work and finds that she has quit
  • Takeru shows up at Sousuke’s apartment and finds a beaten and weak Michiru in the living room
  • Takeru takes her to a coffee shop and asks what has been going on
  • Michiru tells Takeru that she spends her day doing laundry, ironing, cooking and watching TV
  • Michiru reveals that Sousuke calls home every two hours and that she’s wearing an eye patch to cover the injury to her eye that Sousuke gave her because she took too long at the grocery store
  • Sousuke calls Michiru asking where she is, Michiru lies saying she is taking out the trash
  • Takeru convinces Michiru that she needs to get away from Sousuke and that none of it was her fault
  • Takeru spots Sousuke while crossing the street and Sousuke follows them, banging on the window of their taxi as they leave
  • Takeru takes Michiru to the bar so she can recuperate and later to the hospital to treat her wounds
  • Ruka goes in for a counseling session and the doctor suggests for Ruka to tell someone she trusts about her feelings so they don’t remain bottled up inside
  • Shirahata Yuuko calls the sharehouse but doesn’t say a word, hearing a child in the background Takeru realizes who it is and says… “Nee-san?” and hangs up the phone
  • Sousuke comes to the sharehouse and asks Takeru where he hid Michiru
  • Takeru tells him that if he attempts anything else he will call the cops
  • Michiru comes back to the sharehouse
  • Takeru calls Ruka, asking her to bring tools to fix his bike
  • Ruka shows up and sees Takeru and Michiru
  • Ruka greases the brakes and Takeru says that there is someone wrong with the front wheel and convinces Ruka to get on the bike
  • When Ruka is on Michiru gets on too and Takeru pushes the bike
  • After racing around, Ruka, Michiru and Takeru have a picnic
  • Michiru reveals that it was because Sousuke said horrible things about Ruka like “that person is not a woman” that she thought Sousuke was going to far
  • Sousuke puts fliers in her parents’ neighborhood’s mailboxes saying that Ruka has the body of a woman but the heart of a man
  • Ruka calms her parents saying it was done by someone jealous of the fact that a female racer won and broke a record
  • Michiru tells Takeru that she feels that Ruka has put up a barrier in her heart that she can’t get through
  • Ruka overhears Michiru and Takeru’s conversation and goes outside for a breather
  • Takeru finds Ruka by the swings and Ruka tells Takeru that there is a secret that she wants to tell him
  • Takeru tells Ruka that before she tells her secret, Takeru tells her that he wants her to know something too
  • Takeru proceeds to tell Ruka that he likes her

I think this was definitely the most stressful episode that I’ve seen. So many things happened that I did not expect and have really left me trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. The ending of this episode just about gave me a heart attack. -_-

I’m not sure what I was thinking when Sousuke called last episode saying that he was going to kill himself. I knew it was part of his ploy to get Michiru back to his side, but for some reason I thought he was psycho enough to cut himself, even if it was just a little, to get some blood running. I never thought that his attempt at suicide would be real, but I did not expect him to be calmly sitting on the couch. You could tell that Michiru realized how far into his web she was caught when rushed in and realized that Sousuke was alive and well, sitting on the couch like nothing was wrong. His facial hair bumped the creepiness factor too. But this definitely revealed a whole other level of Sousuke’s sadistic nature. Stuffing fliers about Ruka around her parents’ neighborhood was a low blow, even for him. You knew that something bad was going to happen when he appeared in front of her house, but I did not expect that. For some reason I thought that something would happen to her brother, but Sousuke seems strangely fond of children and treats them so kindly. Sousuke’s plotting seems to take itself even further the next episode, so I’m looking forward to being pissed at Sousuke the next episode too.

Why is it that no one thought to call the police before it got this bad? You would think that if the police were involved at least something could happen. At least Takeru said something concrete about having evidence of her abuse after going to the hospital, but even after that, it doesn’t seem like they took any legal action. I’m not sure how different the laws are in Japan than in America concerning this issue, but she needs to get a restraining order or its equivalent because it’s obvious that Sousuke is not going to let go of her. I wonder how many lingering feelings of love Michiru still has towards Sousuke, if any? I’m sure she still has some, but if she gets any closer to the guy I’m going to be really upset.

Michiru’s appearance in this episode really broke my heart. She has seriously become the poster child for battered women. When Takeru first finds her I seriously wanted to cry. She just looked so broken and mentally tired from all of Sousuke’s tyrannical actions. That eye patch was also concealing on nasty injury. I’ve always had romantic notions about the eye patch. Pirates and especially Japanese yanki stories hold a certain place in my literary heart, so seeing the eye patch used in such a traditional and practical way was a bit of a wake-up call. I felt bad for her when she tries to talk to Ruka after she comes back from her house. Michiru caught her at a bad time and Michiru still thinks that Ruka doesn’t particularly like her. But I would agree that the barrier between Ruka and Michiru is in some sense stronger than it is with other people. Michiru is the one person that Ruka wouldn’t want to hate her and so is even more scared of opening up to her. That and Michiru made that comment before about Sousuke saying that Ruka wasn’t a woman and how she found that to be extremely cruel. It sad that Michiru is unknowingly hurting Ruka. Sigh. I hope that Michiru can be strong and get away from Sousuke because it looks like that he’s going to continue to make it hard for her to leave him for good.

So I guess it’s onto the really stressful events of this episode. To start off, the call from Shirahata Yuuko. Was not expecting that at all. At first I was thinking, “crap, the crazy stalker lady found Takeru” then I was thinking “HIS SISTER?!” That revelation was not what something I thought would happen. Well, I guess I thought about it. No, I really did. But it was a fleeting notion. At the end of episode 4 when Takeru is telling Michiru about his family, he mentions an older sister. When Michiru asks if they’re close, Takeru smiles and says “Hm… I wonder.” When I was making notes for episode 4, the fleeting thought that the one who traumatized him was his sister did come to me, but I shrugged it off because I didn’t have anything to back it up. My gut feeling for it wasn’t strong enough either so I didn’t say anything. But it ends up being true?! What is this world coming to?! Takeru, I’m amazed that you turned out to be such a nice guy. I mean look at Sousuke, it seems like his trauma twisted his personality into something practically irreversible. Honestly, these characters should be nominated for “most likely to break the bank paying for therapy.”

But the event so far that is nominated for “most likely to give me a heart attack” is definitely Takeru’s ending confession. Shiroja, you mentioned a while back that the confession at the end of this episode left you “sitting on pins and needles”. I know what you mean now! I sympathize with you having to wait for the next episode to come out. I guess the nice thing for me is that I can watch it when I finish this entry, but the suspense is killing. I had to restrain myself from pressing the button to watch the next episode. And since it was so late I couldn’t even calm myself down to blog this episode and ended up reading Paradise Kiss to relieve some stress so I could go to bed. T_T But seriously. I wanted to shake and yell at Takeru for deciding to confess to Ruka right then. Did he think that Ruka was going to tell him that she is in love with Michiru and so he thought he should say someone about his feelings before hand? Ruka! What are you going to do? I’m pretty sure she was planning on talking about her Gender Identity Disorder, but now after hearing Takeru’s confession, I don’t know if she can bring herself to do it. I think it would be too awkward for her and she might not even want to see Takeru for a while. None of the previews for the next episode even show Ruka and Takeru in the same frame. This episode was not a happy episode for Ruka. She deals with the flier at her parents house and comes to the realization that there is no way that she can tell her parents how she feels at this point. Michiru unknowingly says things that hurt Ruka. Takeru’s confession is just the cherry on top. Poor Ruka.

I feel the need to be reminded of the happiness that this episode showed before I move to the next episode. I know I’m going to be really stressed watching the next episode so here is my happy image of this episode: Ruka, Michiru and Takeru biking through the park. Loved it. Takeru is such a little plotter too. He really knows what Ruka is feeling and takes care of people really well. And a happy Ruka is always nice to watch. I loved her yelling after Takeru, “I won’t be left behind! Wait! Takeru!” That and it really hit me this episode that Ruka is seriously the epitome of a bishounen. I thought that before too, but for some reason (maybe the outfits?), I really was hit with that notion this episode.

This post is honestly really long. Thanks to those of you who read to the end! Here are some pictures of Ruka . Tell me that Ueno isn’t a bishounen there… these pictures just scream bishounen…




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