Last Friends Ep 05

18 06 2008

I don’t really have anything to say as a prelude to this episode, so let’s just jump right in.

  • Ruka sees Michiru and Sousuke’s reunion
  • Michiru takes Sousuke back home in a taxi while telling Ruka that she would be visiting the hairdressers
  • Michiru drops Sousuke off at home and tells him that she can’t be with him unless he changes
  • Michiru apologizes to the manager at work, and is allowed to keep working at the salon
  • Ruka invites Takeru and Michiru over to her house for dinner
  • Eri and Ogura skip dinner and instead go to Ogura’s house to deliver divorce papers
  • Ogura spends the night at his house because confronting his wife is taking longer than expected
  • Michiru spends the night at Ruka’s house and Takeru goes home
  • Takeru arrives home to a drunk Eri who then makes a move on Takeru and kisses him
  • Takeru reacts violently to being kissed by running to the bathroom, rinsing his mouth and gagging
  • Eri apologizes and asks if Takeru is “that” to which he replies yes
  • Ruka tells Michiru that Sousuke can’t make her happy and instead suggests someone like Takeru
  • Michiru asks if Ruka has someone she likes to which Ruka replies yes
  • Michiru visits Sousuke after finding out that he hasn’t been to work in a week because of illness
  • Sousuke snaps after Michiru says that she doesn’t want to be with a person who doesn’t keep their promises; he says that she was the one that didn’t keep promises first
  • Sousuke rapes Michiru (implied)
  • Takeru sees the bruises on her arm and she later talks to Takeru about her seeing Sousuke, but not about anything that he may have done
  • Takeru learns that Ruka said that Michiru should fall in love with someone like him and that she has someone that she has loved for a long time
  • Ruka goes in for counseling because she believes she has Gender Identity Disorder
  • Ruka meets up with Takeru after because she “just wanted to see [his] face”
  • At Ruka’s race, Michiru gets a phone call from Sousuke who wants to see her
  • Michiru turns Sousuke down, telling him that she’ll see him later
  • Ruka wins the race and the celebration is held at Takeru’s bar
  • Sousuke calls telling Michiru that he’s going to kill himself
  • Michiru rushes out to Sousuke and Ruka stops her, telling her to be strong
  • Michiru says that she is weak, unlike Ruka, and that she just wants to be by Sousuke’s side
  • Michiru rushes off, leaving Ruka, Takeru and Eri in the street

This was an event filled episode wouldn’t you say? A few things that I thought would happen did, but now that they have, I’m not really sure what to expect next. I said that Ogurin would eventually divorce his wife, cause that is really the only route that he can walk at this point, but I didn’t really expect it to be this early. I guess they needed to make room for all the drama that seems to picking up. With a drunk and depressed Eri, it really feels like they are pushing for the Eri x Ogura pairing, but my gut is still against it. I just think that their relationship would be too much of an escape for the both of them and not grounded enough. That and it seems a little hard to believe that Ogura would get into a serious relationship so quickly after being married to a woman that he loved. Well, I guess we’ll see what happens as it seems like Ogura comes back to the sharehouse next episode.

The other speculation that seemed to come true was Ruka’s Gender Identity Disorder. I speculated about the possibility of sex-reassignment surgery after Ruka’s mysterious look at the University Medical webpage, so I guess that was really what she was looking into. That and her having problems with looking at her body. It seems that she really does want to reject all notions of her being a woman. And it looks like the next episode it going to touch on that a little too. I wonder how far Ruka’s Gender Identity Disorder is going to be explored and how deeply. For some reason I don’t think that Ruka will have surgery. From a business standpoint that would alienate too many viewers, even if the demographic that this drama caters to may be more wiling to see Ueno Juri as a man, I still don’t think that they would run with that storyline. But at the same time, if they don’t, I wonder how they are going to resolve Ruka’s feelings of essentially being in the wrong body. I don’t really know anything about Gender Identity Disorder or anything so can’t give any sort of opinion to how Ruka will comes to terms with it.

Hm. Events surrounding Takeru made me a little depressed. First, he comes to the realization that Ruka doesn’t really see him as a potential partner as she recommended him to Michiru. Then, he finds out that Ruka has been in love with someone for many years now. When I saw how hard that hit him, I was so sad. T_T Then he gets forcibly kissed by a drunk Eri, and it seems that he is reminded of his past trauma and really freaks out, running to the bathroom, full-on gagging and everything. For some reason when Takeru said “yes” to be being gay, I didn’t really believe him. I don’t know why. I just thought that he was just saying “yes” so that Eri’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt and so he wouldn’t have to talk about his past. Did anyone else get that feeling? Or should I just take that response at face value? Not sure. I guess we’ll see. Then the last scene where Ruka pushes Takeru away and puts a wall up was sad to watch too. Actually, the only really happiness that Takeru was involved in was mostly random things. Him cleaning the tea stains at the beginning was cute, making paella, and interacting with Ruka’s little brother was funny too. But the moment that he had with Ruka after her counseling session was noteworthy. Her reason for calling him out was sweet and I think really telling about the comfort that she feels around Takeru. “I just wanted to see your face… I feel at ease when I’m with you. I feel like I can be myself.” Her saying that she can be herself was a line that really hit me because she had just said a few seconds before that it was painful for her hide her real self in front of her family, friends and loved ones. I don’t know if she means that she is truly herself around Takeru or just really close to who she sees as her true self, but those words just have me holding onto a possibility of a Takeru x Ruka pairing. Even if they don’t become lovers, their friendship definitely runs deep, and at this point I would argue deeper than the relationship between Michiru and Ruka on some level.

Speaking about Michiru and Ruka’s relationship, does anyone know why they hadn’t seen each other for four years before they coincidentally met again? They are obviously really good friends so it confused me on why they hadn’t met. You would think that Ruka being in love with Michiru would be good enough reason to stay friends with Michiru and have some sort of contact. Did they address that or is that something that the viewers are just supposed to accept? Maybe they talk about that later. Maybe.

So Sousuke’s psychological warfare seems to be working in his favor. Part of me wasn’t sure if he understood what Michiru was saying and keeping away for that reason or if he knew that it would unsettle her that he was no longer looking over her shoulder. I’m pretty convinced that it was all planned out. And Michiru just stepped right into it. She’s looking for Sousuke at work and checking her phone like she used to. Attempting to quit Sousuke cold turkey was not going to work. Even if it wasn’t a ploy before, her coming to his apartment to make him food was definitely part of it. Sick people usually don’t have that much strength to pin down their girlfriend. On a side note, I wonder how Nishikido’s agency is reacting to his character. Not only does he play an abusive boyfriend, but now he gets to add rapist to his résumé. And he gets to be suicidal at the end. I’m sure there was at least some tension there. Even if he gets be a rebel/bad boy in a boy idol group, Johnny’s still likes to churn out wholesome idol boys to sell the pubescent girls. On the other hand, I really applaud Nishikido’s acting and how he has really seemed to step out of the idol box. Many times when watching idol actors I’m always thinking in the back of mind about the chessy music videos or what not that idol boys/girls do. With Nishikido in this role, I’m really just thinking “creepy…” And it doesn’t help that his creepy theme song shows up EVERYWHERE. T_T It’s like “you don’t know what’s behind this corner” music. It really fits him to a T.

Speaking about acting, YAY! Nagasawa doesn’t really bother me this episode! That makes me happy especially since I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but complain about her acting the last four episodes. Maybe her acting style is just suited to play cute characters? Because Michiru was really cute this episodes. Maybe I find her a lot more likable because her weaknesses were exposed at the end of this episode. For once, she just seems real and is stripped of the façade of expectations that she seems to put on for other people. Even if she is foolish, for once she tells Ruka (who seemed a bit controlling this episode, no?) that she really wants to be by Sousuke’s side. Throughout the episode though, you could tell that Michiru was heading in that direction. She continues to secretly see Sousuke and even after Sousuke rapes her (it’s implied, but I guess one can be never be too sure), she still agrees to meet with him. At Ruka’s race, if she wanted to she could have turned her phone off, but she decides to answer the phone in the middle of Ruka’s important race. Those two have a bond that will not be broken so easily. So what are you going to do Ruka?

AAAHHH… finally this is done. It really would have been posted a lot earlier if it wasn’t so warm today. I couldn’t bring myself to sit in front of the computer in the warmest room in the house. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you feel inclined to do so!




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