the more i study, the more i grow… sideways…

21 03 2008

I wonder if feeling fat is normal. I mean is it an emotion that girls normally feel during the day? Do people just wake up and just think, “Geez, I feel fat today?” I mean, I’m by no means obese, I’m not super skinny either, but I don’t think that I’m at a healthy weight or anything. I mean, I think that I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I seem to gain weight during finals week. Non-stop sitting at a desk studying and snacking doesn’t really do it for my waistline. But more than usual, I feel just fat. I’ve basically gotten over caring about what other people think of me, well to a point. I mean doesn’t everyone to a certain extent think about how they look to other people? A bit of social and self-consciousness is healthy isn’t it? I wonder if guys ever have days where they just feel fat. Or is it mostly a girl thing? I’m sure guys have their own thing to deal with, but is it mostly because of society that girls tend to have these feelings?

My roommate commented a few weeks ago about the mirror in my room. I never thought about it. Most girls have a mirror in their room right? It just seems like a fixture in the female bedroom. But my roommate was saying that he had never really thought about having a mirror in his room. But maybe it was just him. I think my brother had a mirror in his room too. But I do think that it’s true that girls are more image conscious.

But I’m not really sure what to do about these feelings. At this point right now, I’m too lazy, busy and not disciplined enough to exercise on a daily basis and not disciplined enough to go on a stricter and healthier diet that doesn’t consist of me snacking too much. Maybe I need to deal with my gluttony before I deal with anything else. Sigh. The joys of living in America. Oh hail the land of fast food and home of the super-size. Maybe I’ll lose some weight if I move to another country. Excuses, excuses huh?




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